Working autonomously and remotely in IT is already a reality for many professionals and the desire of many others. If you want to kick-start your career as a successful freelance programmer, be aware that getting started can be challenging – but the fruits of the effort are very rewarding.

Below, check out our tips to start undertaking in the area or even boost the results of your work!

After all, is it worth betting on the life of a freelance programmer?

Entrepreneurship in IT can be a solution for those who cannot find relocation in the market, but it is also a conscious choice of more and more professionals in the area.

Eliminating time in traffic, creating your own schedules, having the freedom to work from anywhere, and even increasing earnings: these are just some of the reasons that strengthen the trend towards self-employment.

In general, the issue of “being worth it” is very individual: for some professionals, the stability and labor rights of the CLT speak louder. On the other hand, the prospects for entrepreneurship are also very positive.

It is worth noting, for example, that the web development area is one of the most promising and with the most freelance opportunities in IT. Acting as a freelance programmer, therefore, can be interesting both for those looking for extra income and for those who want to build a comfortable and profitable career in the field. Yes, it is possible!

Freelance Programmer Career: 7 Tips for Successful Entrepreneurship

“Digging your space” as an entrepreneur, providing services to individuals or companies, is a journey with challenges, ups and downs. As we mentioned, the good news is that it is perfectly possible to gain credibility in the market, expand the customer base and maintain excellent profitability.

In this sense, its results will be proportional to the efforts made from the beginning. Check out our tips:

Define Your Services and Structure Your Offers

Defining your offers and your work structure is one of the main precautions to start off on the right foot. What are your greatest technical skills in the field? What could you offer as a differential? In which segment do you want to act?

It is time to think about your technical domain, considering the programming languages ​​in which you will invest (front-end, back-end, full-stack?) and also the option for web, mobile or both.

In addition, reflect on your work model, structuring sales plans and your preference for working with smaller jobs for several clients or even larger projects, acting as a remote professional for a single company. For this step, check out our tips to add value to your IT service delivery !


You Are Your Brand: Take Care Of Your Marketing

No neglecting the image of your new business. From now on, you are your own brand. Invest in a good professional website, communicate its services (and its advantages) objectively and keep a portfolio properly updated.

Also, be sure to create and update social networks and think of strategies to promote and value your work. It’s worth investing in a good visual identity, in content production for your audience and paid digital marketing strategies (it’s possible to pay little on Google ads, for example).

Browse the Opportunity Portals and Submit Proposals

Winning the first customers can be a challenge, so don’t spare your efforts. First, in addition to creating your website and updating your social networks (expanding your digital presence), be the main spokesperson for your business and share your work with colleagues in the area, partners, friends and family.

Opportunity platforms for freelancers are also good channels to get started. Take time out of your day to identify potential clients, formulate proposals, send your portfolio and highlight the differentials of your work.

Bet on Networking

Still talking about promoting your work and strengthening your brand, it is always important to keep your networking up to date. Take advantage of LinkedIn‘s functionalities to establish contacts and present your services, in addition to being present at IT events such as fairs, congresses and get-togethers. Every occasion is an opportunity to publicize your work and form possible partnerships!

It’s also worth identifying strategic events that aren’t necessarily IT, but have potential customers you can talk to.

Invest in Constant Knowledge

When it comes to acting as a freelance programmer, training tends to be quite democratic: most opportunities in the field do not require graduation. Here, competence, technical skill and professionalism are more valuable.

However, don’t think that this detracts from the importance of constant knowledge and updating. The IT area undergoes continuous transformations and innovations, demanding that its professionals remain attentive. Keeping up with new trends, taking courses and improving your work are actions that should be part of your routine.

Remember That Organization and Discipline Are Keywords

Those who choose to be an entrepreneur know that their success and earnings directly depend on their focus and efforts. After all, remember that you will be “many professionals in one” (at least in the beginning, you will be responsible for marketing, pricing, customer service, budgeting, controlling finances…).

In this sense, maintaining a well-planned routine, investing in the organization and focusing on work (avoiding distractions) are essential attitudes.

Draw Up a Good Service Contract

Drawing up a good service contract not only prevents you from defaulting or going through unpleasant situations, it is also a sign of professionalism.

Remember that the document clarifies the obligations and rights of both parties (freelance programmer and client), stipulating deadlines, values, agreements and cancellation conditions. This way, you can avoid a lot of headaches and protect yourself from possible problems.