This post is for you who are looking for inspiration to create. This is our selection of galleries and websites focused on web design and development, check out these creative reference sources!

It’s hard to start a job from scratch, thank goodness there are wonderful resources for us to use as reference and inspiration to create. We all have these places, where we look to stimulate creativity and extra information to kick-start a new job. In this list you will find some design and creative development, we hope it will be useful and inspiring for you.


Awwwards is highlighted for being a special gallery, in which the websites presented are hand-selected by a jury, that is, a group of professionals in the field vote and decide which websites are highlighted. In addition to this difference, by creating a profile, you can save your favorite examples and organize them by themes. This possibility makes it easier to revisit references that can help the development of a work that is in progress.

The Favorite Website Award

The Favorite Website Award highlights amazing websites daily. If you are looking for creativity, technical sophistication and design, remember to access this resource. The site has good examples of web and mobile work.

CSS Design Awards

Another live file that represents the growth of the web. At the CSS Design Awards you check out new talent and find wonderful websites. According to the introductory text, they seek to promote web design work that balances the following qualities: creativity, functionality and usability.

CSS Winner

It also has a specialized jury to select the winning sites. They call themselves a global and authentic platform that presents and rewards the best websites on the web, promoting innovation among web designers, developers and agencies.


It’s the creatives’ place. Here you can also publish your work, giving other people the chance to get inspired through it. In this community, you can get in touch with people around the world and exchange ideas, discovering techniques and methods behind the works on display.

graphic designers


This site is a great way to stay up-to-date on the work of professionals you admire. More than that, through this channel you can browse and discover the work of many interesting (and often unknown) designers around the world. The list of creative materials is not restricted to websites, in this resource you can also find examples of apps, logos, illustrations, printed materials, etc.


This one is really cool for those who like typography. Find free fonts, templates, app tips, artists and more here. Access and get inspired!

Responsive Deck

If you’re looking for some cool examples of responsive design, this gallery is the perfect place. Here you will find many, many examples of websites and their various mobile versions. Responsive Deck is organized in a very smart way, showing the examples in a bigger size and also in other classic mobile sizes. So you instantly have an idea of ​​how the site will look on different devices.

Git Hub

This is a community for developers to help each other. Many groups are dedicated to open source development. The community’s motto is: “Build software better, together”.

Chrome Experiments

As the name suggests, this is a Google project. The site showcases creative and innovative projects, all built with open-source tools using HTML5 and JavaScript.